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ilali Open Studio

ilali Studio

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Hey there! 

We're celebrating the evolution of our art space, ilali, and want to share this day with you. 

It's an alternative living room in a sense, and through these strange times we've not had the chance to introduce ourselves. We'd like to change that. 

We will have some lovely art to give away, live music, DJs, food (arepas) and drinks on a donation basis. 

For the art giveaway, we're planning a raffle. There will be multiple artworks for the prizewinners made by the artists of the studio collective.

If you don't win, no worries, we have a custom candle stand repurposed from the tiles we've recovered through renovating our lovely space, which you will take home simply for entering. They look awesome by the way.

Price for the raffle ticket: 10-15 

No entrance. 

One last thing, it's pretty much halloween on the date of our event. Feel free to dress up, we will.

The theme? Think: spiral decadence, resurrection, growth, neon charm, serious fun, the time to change.

ilali is an artist studio and gallery seeking to intertwine multiple disciplines & artistic faiths through encouraging community and the practice of prefigurative politics.

Come join in on the great project we've begun!

Line-up to follow:

Ilali line up:

18:00 - TBA (Lo-fi,DJ)

20:30 - Jamie Gordon (Psych Beach Jazz)

Frollein Langer line up

22:00 - Nico Lorenzini (DJ)

Duration :

Saturday, October 30, 2021


October 30, 2021

Opening hours :

5pm - 10:30pm

Exhbition opening :

Saturday 30 October 2021, 17h

Venue :

Ilali Studio, Okerstraße 40, 12101 Berlin