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ilali is an artists' studio that brings together a group of international artists and curators in the heart of the Schillerkiez in Berlin. Like any community, ilali forms a microcosm. The group strives to reflect this interconnected state of collaboration. The artists strive to develop their own projects according to their own needs and desires, while remaining open to the constant possibilities for change inherent in a collective construct.

The space focuses on communicating its purpose in collective unity and in relation to the environment in which it is located. This is echoed in the origin of the name "ilali". Inspired by the South African origins of its founder, the name ilali comes from isiXhosa and means "village". Within ilali and its gallery space, artists create and share their work. Ilali is ultimately an "alternative social space" designed for interaction between artists and the surrounding community, as well as a place where events can take place and ideas can be distilled outside of daily life.

These different dimensions are essential for the artists of Ilali to expand and exhibit their artistic work. For them, art is a self-appointed community that develops through non-hierarchical, prefigurative politics. Once they found a space, things began to collide, merge and transform. As they navigate the ever-changing shape of their individual artistic beliefs and desires, they aim to expand further into orbiting affinity circles, groups and galleries. Their central aim is to honour their creative process while nurturing interaction with the community around them.


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Luxembourg, Luxembourg

Antropical - Ministry of Strange Affairs ASBL is an international art collective that inspires, guides and facilitates collaborative interdisciplinary projects with the aim of connecting to diverse audiences. This includes long and short term projects such as residencies, interventions, performances, seminars and workshops. Their vision is to create a vibrant, sustainable and global community for the exchange of knowledge, experiences and creativity.

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Marseille, France

BIMBIM creates introspective art-experiences—immersive, participatory and playful artistic environments that invite and encourage the exploration of our inner selves!

The art-experience is an emerging art form. Rather than engage with art through the traditional perspective of the viewer, we invite our audiences to step into and journey through active, creative spaces as participants. Our art-experiences bring multiple artistic, social and spiritual practices together.

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Bogota, Colombia

Muralist collective from Colombia. Big scale participatory interventions.

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