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Dystopian Saturday : poetry and painting

Kasper Heide

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Victor Gounel (Painter)
The Indian (Poetry)
Elio Icaza (Poetry)

Metaphysical decay, civilized barbarism or the abyss of mediocrity!
There are many ways to.describe the perverse experiment also known as contemporary society!
But one thing is beyond doubt! Such extreme crudeness and uncanning foreignness are only experienced in the darkest of hours.
We are certainly living in dystopian times!!
So take a break from the drenched oscillation between human indifference, future worries, the downward spiral of netflix’n’masturbation not to mention the quasi-total primacy of an eternal televised catastrophe, and come celebrate “Dystopian Saturday” at Ilali.

Duration :

Saturday, October 3, 2020


October 3, 2020

Opening hours :


Exhbition opening :

Friday, 3rd October, 7-11pm

Venue :

ilali, Okerstrasße 40 12049, Berlin