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Grrl Telephone

Grrl Haus Cinema

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Grrl Telephone is a visual game of ‘telephone’ an ongoing project started in January 2021 where artists received an image or micro short each week and made an image or micro short in response to it, within the timeframe of a week. As the social implications of the pandemic set out a challenge on the concepts of distance and communication, 'Grrl Telephone' thrived from it, rekindling the love for the beauty generated from transformation and distortion. Distilling the essence of an art piece received and setting it up for reinterpretation anew, the artists created a visual map of which components can narrate parallel, interwoven and cyclical stories. ​

Featuring works from :
Indrani Ashe, Zha Babaieva, Aubane Berthommé Martinez, Sarah Boulter, Kannetha Brown, Tara Campling, Darkreconstruction, Charmaine de Heij, Maria De Paula-Vázquez, Monika Estrella Negra, Kiki Febriyanti, Sara Ferro, Brittonie Fletcher, Lauren Grudzien, Kate Jessop, Eili Bråstad Johannessen, Cara Kuball, Molly Leebove, Melanie Light, Jess Pittman, Marija Lucic, Ana Minujin, Samera Paz, Olivia and Madeleine Peters, Jenny Plante, Colette Pomerleau, Shay Revolver, Allison Tanenhaus, Oona Taper, Kristina Tokar , Eva-Maria Unglaube, Juliane Vowinckel, Vincy Wang, Chris Weil, Keren Zaltz.

Drinks will be available and on donation. Please wear a mask inside the exhibition.

Duration :

Friday, September 3, 2021


September 4, 2021

Opening hours :


Exhbition opening :

Friday 3rd September from 19:00

Venue :

Ilali, Okerstrasse 40, 12101 Berlin