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Valentine E. Bossert & Trystan Williams

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InDeScribe is a show by artists Valentine Emilia Bossert (Berlin) and Trystan Williams (London). Both artists know each other from time spent studying in London and collaborating on the Patatas Guerra project. Since then, their artistic paths have diverged and converged in intriguing ways. Their respective practices mirror and echo each other in their attention to small anomalies, interest for the fringe and forgotten, and eliciting contradictions. Works emerge and develop by taking walks and drifting journeys, materials are gathered, rubbings and reliefs made, words inscribed and objects scattered.

The show is an attempt to bridge and merge their differing outcomes and similar processes. The raw materials of stone, brick and detritus are used as substrates, either to impress upon or draw from. Words are inscribed, textures lifted, impressions of objects recorded on paper, copies of text engraved, seams excavated, examined and altered. Ghostly traces form poetic spaces, where abstract and concrete, presence and absence, past and present collide in mysterious monuments. Their work together creates a palimpsest of layered materials, methods and meanings, alternating paths weaving toward and away from each other.

Opening 18.11

6pm: show and drinks at ilali Studio

10pm: Mental Health Sound System DJ set at Frollein Langner

Picture: Trystan Williams, 2021

Font: Frank Adebiaye - Velvetyne Type Foundry

Duration :

Tuesday, October 18, 2022


October 20, 2022

Opening hours :

2pm - 6pm

Exhbition opening :

Friday 18th of November, 6pm

Venue :

ilali Studio, Okerstraße 40, 12049 Berlin