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Jeisson Castillo

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The Jaguarity exhibition by the Colombian artist Jeisson Castillo, curated by Diana Valbuena, and supported by ilali Collective Art Studio will be open from 10th to 12th of June. We will bring together art works that deal the shamanic relationship between the spiritual owners of the jungle and the Andean-Amazonian native communities of southern Colombia. This exhibition is part of a tour of several European cities: Toulouse, Palma de Mallorca, Berlin, and Paris. 

On Friday the 10th at 7 pm we will open the exhibition at ilali with video projections and a jam session open to the public (if you have percussion or acoustic musical instruments, bring them).

On Saturday the 11th we will hold a talk on the topics of research addressed by the artist. Themes such as Power Plants and their relationship with art, the Jaguarity as an environmental and heritage protection movement, and community art and pedagogy through the processes of Ofrenda Editorial. This talk will be held in English and Spanish. 

On Sunday the 12th we will carry out a meeting of harmonization and spiritual ordinance. An offering to the Berlin territory through a guided and shared meditation, sent by the grandparents from Colombia to be shared in these spaces. 

Jeisson Castillo is an artist and visual researcher. He lives in the rural area of southern Colombia. He has worked with indigenous, Afro, Raizal and campesino communities for more than 10 years in projects commissioned by various organizations, especially in the Colombian Amazon, using art as a tool for the dissemination, strengthening and safeguarding of the local cultural and environmental heritage. He is co-director of the Hosca Foundation and of Ofrenda Editorial. His work has been presented in various settings such as universities, galleries, museums and malocas in Colombia, Brazil, Ecuador, Cuba, the United States and Europe.

Duration :

Friday, June 10, 2022


June 12, 2022

Opening hours :

3pm - 8pm

Exhbition opening :

Friday 10th of June, 7pm

Venue :

Ilali, Okerstrasse 40, 12101 Berlin