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“Windows” is a series of 31 pieces that aim to blow the viewer's mind through images, which have multiple readings - as many as people observe them. Excesses and balance, anxiety and peace, resignation and resilience, oppression and freedom, rigidity and vulnerability, success and failure. Themes that have always accompanied men and that permeate these images so that the mind has that decisive dialogue about its nature and its environment. A picture is a window and a window is a mirror.

The work strives to strike a balance between its rich narrative and a formal pictorial language. SakoAsko´s preoccupation with our interior lives is the prime driver of his artistic pursuit. With his drawings he questions what motivates each of us to make critical choices, or to postpone them indefinitely. The artist has a deep faith in image-making as a medium to uncover a vast internal universe beyond the human eye.

Opening 11.11

6pm: show opening and drinks at ilali Studio

Saturday 12.11

5pm: drink and draw and finissage

Duration :

Friday, November 11, 2022


November 12, 2022

Opening hours :

6pm - 10pm

Exhbition opening :

Friday 11th of November 2022, 6pm

Venue :

ilali Studio, Okerstraße 40, 12049 Berlin