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Ypokosmo : Subterranean lands of the psyche

Wild anima and Amaury Bouquet

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A Supernatural Experience by Amaury Bouquet & Wild Anima

Inspired by the underground healing temples of the asklepion sanctuaries from ancient Greece, Ypokosmo is an installation presenting the mythical underworld not as a land of the dead but as a metaphor for the subconscious. A place where lies the deep feminine in each and everyone personified by the goddess Persephone in Greek mythology. A place where we can find the deepest compassion and love facing our shadows, allowing the parts of ourselves we fear the most to unveil and better transmute them. Giving them tenderness and care. Digging deep down in the darkest compost of our inner gardens to transform and reveal the hidden rose present in this murky soil of our psyches. To realise that ultimately the shadow is there to show us the places that are needing to be loved and that the darkest night can foster the brightest illumination from the light inside ourselves. The supernatural inside. The inner photosynthesis.

The installation space will feature artworks created by former participants of Supernatural during the tarot performances as well as poetry, soundart and other photography relating to the project and the theme of the subconscious.

The artists will share an open discussion about their process on creating the project and will present a new participatory art experience “Dream Therapy” involving interactive subconscious storytelling and live music.


19:00 Artists talk and presentation around the Supernatural Experience 

19:30 Open discussion with the public

21:00 “Dream Therapy” art experience

About Dream Therapy:

Collective dream - interactive subconscious storytelling - participatory experience by Amaury Bouquet

Concert - Live improvisation - Healing techno with plant music by Wild Anima & Kobzev

Wild anima website : https://www.wildanimamusic.com/
Amaury Bouquet website : https://www.amaurybouquet.com/

Credits for Poster design : Lennie Lav / https://www.instagram.com/tatswithlav/

Duration :

Saturday, January 21, 2023


January 21, 2023

Opening hours :


Exhbition opening :

Saturday 21 January, 17:00

Venue :

ilali, Okerstraße 40, 12049 Berlin